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Kidney Centre Gujrat has become functional on1st December 2016 with 17 dialysis machines. This health facility established through private-public partnership. The piece of land on Circular Road near Prince Chowk Gujrat, where the Kidney Centre has been constructed, was donated by a local philanthropist woman to the Gujrat Red Crescent Society. The project took at least 18 months to go functional. The funds for the four-storey building were also provided by local philanthropists.Kidney Centre Gujrat is a non-profit/welfare organization providing renal replacement therapy with intermittent hemodialysis to those patients who otherwise have no financial means or health insurance to pay for their dialysis treatment. Hence this life saving procedure is being provided to poor patients at free of cost. Funding for this centre is being provided by private donors/philanthropists. The center is equipped with latest Dialysis Machines and allied Lab facilities. We are grateful to our donors for their generous donations, commitment, continuous support and cooperation.

Kidney center gujrat

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