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Circular Road Near Prince Chowk, Gujrat, Pakistan

Kidney Centre Gujrat has become functional on1st December 2016 with 17 dialysis machines. This health facility established through private-public partnership. The piece of land on Circular Road near Prince Chowk Gujrat, where the Kidney Centre has been constructed, was donated by a local philanthropist woman to the Gujrat Red Crescent Society. The project took at least 18 months to go functional. The funds for the four-storey building were also provided by local philanthropists…

Free Dialysis

Free dialysis facilities, poor infrastructure between Gujrat and poor rural population. Our main goal is to give free, high quality dialysis treatment to those suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Free Medicine

We offer free medicine to dialysis patients. Kidney Disease can be treated very effectively FREE Natural Medicine for Kidney Disease

Free Consultation

KCG is striving hard to address the problems by providing free consultation, treatment and dialysis to the poor people

Free Lab Test

Keep track of all your important KIDNEY health numbers with the free Kidney lab test from the funds from our DONORS

Our President message

Mian Muhammad Ijaz

I am pleased to share my heart felt feelings with the people in general and the donors of the Kidney Centre Gujrat in particular that Kidney Centre Gujrat has become very established support for the needy patients because they can get dialysis treatment free of charge without going through the undue formalities. The pleasure and the prayers of the deserving patients are the real reward for volunteers of Kidney Centre Gujrat. I got involved in Kidney Centre Gujrat at random and initially I did not expect the organization to deliver to the needy patients to such an extent. I think that Allah blessed us strength and spirit to spend out of which He had given us and steadfastness to continue service to humanity to earn His pleasure.Let us not forget that we all are accountable to Allah for all our actions and words on the day of judgement.

Kidney center gujrat


Dr. Abbas Gondal

MBBS, B.Sc, MPH(1)

Dr.Nouman Hameed Sheikh

MBBS, FCPS (Nephrology)

Dr Myra Liaqat

MBBS, FCPS (Nephrology)

Dr. Imran
dr imran

Medical Officer

Numbers Speak


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No. of Registered patients
Total No. of Admission


Total No. of Patients in OPD
Total No. of Patients in LITHOTRIPSY
Total LITHOTRIPSY Sessions

Kidney center gujrat


KIdney center gujrat

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