Our President Message

I am pleased to share my heart felt feelings with the people in general and the donors of the KCG in particular that KCG has become very established support for the needy patients because they can get medicines free of charge without going through the undue formalities. The pleasure and the prayers of the deserving patients are the real reward for volunteers of KCG. I got involved in KCG at random and initially I did not expect the organization to deliver to the needy patients to such an extent. I think that Allah blessed us strength and spirit to spend out of which He had given us and steadfastness to continue service to humanity to earn His pleasure. Today I feel it is my real success and earning which is going to benefit me in the life hereafter and I also feel the same for others involved in KCG. Let us not forget that we all are accountable to Allah for all our actions and words on the day of judgement. I wish we continue serving the deserving people with strong faith and enhanced spirit. Thanks.

Muhammad Ijaz