To be sure we provide our patients with the best health care.we are able to give patients their best chance of recovery by providing early and aggressive nursing combined with nutritional support, medication management, and rehabilitation therapies
Advanced Machines
We have advance machines to deal with dialysis patient like 4008S Next Generation Haemodialysis Machine in our Kidney Centre.
Well Trained Professionals
At Kidney Centre Gujrat, we have a Team of well-trained medical professionals with rich Clinical Research experience, assisting clients in medical monitoring services and advisory affairs.

Our Founder Chairman/Ex-DC

Our Chairman/DC

Islamic teachings enjoin upon us to care for the forlorn and the distressed individually and collectively.Kidney Centre Gujrat is the unique example of collective efforts to alleviate financial difficulties of the needy patients. Not only this forum has mobilized the whole community of Gujrat to be considerate for others but also it has promoted the sociability, camaraderie and benevolence among the people.Read More
Doubtlessly the work of Kidney Centre Gujrat is exceptional as regards its delivering to the needy patients, earning trust of the philanthropists and steadfastness in contacting and persuading the people to contribute for the right cause. Basically it is the Islamic spirit which inspires the believers not to be indifferent to the needs of the poor.Read More

Our President Message


Kidney Centre Gujrat

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Benefits from Kidney Centre Gujrat

We selected Gujrat as there was a lack of easily accessible free dialysis facilities, poor infrastructure between Gujrat and poor rural population.

Our main goal is to give free, high quality dialysis treatment to those suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). We also strive to educate dialysis patients and their families so that they can live healthier lives.

Kidney Centre Gujrat is a non-profit/welfare organization providing renal replacement therapy with intermittent hemodialysis to those patients who otherwise have no financial means or health insurance to pay for their dialysis treatment. Hence this life saving procedure is being provided to poor patients at free of cost. Funding for this centre is being provided by private donors/philanthropists.

Kidney disease often has no symptoms until it is very far along, so it’s important to get tested as part of your regular check-ups. This is very important for people who have diabetes, high blood pressure or a family history of kidney disease.You can keep track of all your important kidney health numbers with the free Kidney lab test from the funds from our donors.
KCG is striving hard to address the problems by providing free consultation, treatment and dialysis to the poor people. The services of the Nephrologist have been hired on once-a-week (every Friday) basis. Some international experts are providing advisory services to the centre on voluntary basis.
We offer free medicine to dialysis patient.Kidney Disease can be treated very effectively FREE Natural Medicine for kidney Disease. Doesn’t matter if you’re on Dialysis or if kidneys fails completely or if your kidney size is same as normal kidney it can be cured.

Daily Patients Report

Total No. of Dialysis(1st+2nd+3rd shift) 146714
No. of Registered patients 1610
Total No. of Admission 862
Total No. of Patients in OPD 1494
Total No. of Patients in LITHOTRIPSY 217
Total LITHOTRIPSY sessions 525

Our Doctors

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Dr. Abbas Gondal, MBBS, B.Sc, MPH(1)

It is a matter of tremendous pleasure for me to join KCG. Which is non-commercial organization serving the suffering and deserving humanity. It is an important and inspiring component of HAQUQ-UL-IBAD. May Allah accept all of us as a team in this capacity. Read More

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Dr.Umar Hayat, MBBS, B.Sc, FCPS (Nephrology)

Kidney Centre Gujrat is very close to my heart. Patients undergoing Hemodialysis suffer a lot in terms of medical and financial constraints. This welfare facility is based on international standard guidelines to improve the quality of life of poor dialysis patients. May Allah help us to continue this venture in true spirit of humanity. AmeenRead More

Consultant Nephrologist
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Dr. Muhammad Tariq, MBBS, Senior Medical Officer

My experiences working with dedicated staff at KCG are extremely pleasant. From its humble beginning as a small unit, KCG quickly evolved into a regional leader of high-quality health care providers, addressing all the needs of a surging population.Read More

Consultant Nephrologist

Our Doctors

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Dr.Nouman Hameed Sheikh, MBBS, FCPS (Nephrology)

It gives me immense pleasure when i think i am also a part of Kidney Centre Gujrat, which is a non-profit organization for poor and needy people of Gujrat May Allah help me to work in right direction in improving care of our patients with my hard working team. Ameen Read More

Consultant Nephrologist ,Transplant Physician
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Dr.Shoukat Rashid

It has been my pleasure to work as Nephrology Consultant in Kidney Centre of Gujrat.This kidney centre shows extreme dedications of the people of Gujrat towards patients of kidney failure who have heavy disease as well as financial burden.

I would like to thank you all for giving me an opportunity to serve the community.Read More

Consultant Nephrologist U.S.A